Former WWE superstar John Morrison has been away from the company for close to five years now, but that doesn’t mean the former ECW champion won’t ever return to the promotion down the line.

Morrison, who goes by Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, was interviewed this week and was asked about a potential return to the WWE someday.

Via Sportskeeda:

“Right now, I couldn’t be happier with Lucha Underground. It’s really enabled me to do some of the things that I wanted to leave WWE to do, like my movie, Boone The Bounty Hunter, aside from that, I’ve been an actor in 15 other low budget movies, I’ve done maybe a dozen TV shows.”

“Aside from that, I feel the work that I’ve done for Lucha Underground is the best of my career, so am I interested in going back? Possibly and when, if, how, I don’t know. But I’m really happy with where I am, with Lucha Underground and now with the start of this 5 Star Wrestling tour, the biggest tournament in wrestling history, I feel like I’ve got a lot going on.”

Morrison’s comments are interesting, and it certainly seems like he enjoys the freedom of being able to balance his acting career with his wrestling career. He can do a lot of things now that he’s no longer with the WWE, something that Cody Rhodes can probably relate to as well.

Morrison was written off television in 2011 when The Miz attacked his former tag team partner in devilish fashion.

A return and program with The Miz would be make a lot of sense at some point, but with the current state of WWE’s NXT brand, Morrison would be a great hand, like Drew McIntyre, in working with the younger talent in front of a crowd that would go bonkers if his iconic music ever hit at Full Sail.

Ex-Intercontinental champion reveals he’s open to possibly returning to the WWE John Morrison/Facebook

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