Jose Aldo gets brutally beaten, and UFC has a new featherweight champ

He suffered a terrible beating.

With a series of vicious punches, Max Holloway stopped Jose Aldo via TKO in the third round of UFC 212 to become the undisputed featherweight champion.

It wasn't so surprising that Aldo lost — it was the manner in which he lost. Once Holloway took Aldo to the mat, it was over. Holloway wouldn't let up and pounded Aldo over and over.

This  one shot pretty much says it all:

Aldo looked the part of a beaten fighter ...

... and you could see the pain in his walk back to the locker room.

For his part, Holloway was jubilant.

Holloway, 25, improved to 18-3. Aldo fell to 26-3, but two of his last three bouts have been loses. He lost his featherweight crown to Conor McGregor in UFC 194 in December, 2015. Aldo beat Frankie Edgar in UFC 200 to win the interim featherweight bout, and was awarded the undisputed belt when McGregor was stripped of his title when he didn't defend it.