This was a shocker.

In a controversial unanimous decision, Manny Pacquiao lost his WBO Welterweight title in Australia to new national hero Jeff Horn on what was a televised fight on ESPN.

Pacquiao appeared to control most of the fight, with Horn sticking with him for most of the way. The biggest controversy comes for the ninth round, where Pacquiao came close to scoring a knockout in what looked like a 10-8 round.

ESPN’s Teddy Atlas was furious after the fight, calling out what he said was a home country ruling. Boxer Timothy Bradley, who was calling the fight with Atlas, also said he thought Pacquiao won the fight.

Atlas was absolutely livid, even straight up telling Horn in the post-match interview that he thought he had lost that fight. Atlas was only backed up by the fight stats afterwards, as Pacquiao landed more punches (182) and more power punches (123) than Horn (92 and 72).

This will be interesting over the next few days, as boxing will have to again try and justify another controversial ruling.

Controversy strikes boxing yet again as Manny Pacquiao loses WBO title to upstart Jeff Horn Clippit/Screenshot

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