MMA insider shares a stunner that could shake the sports world


It's not just a show any longer.

According to MMA inside Ariel Helwani, the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor super fight may actually move from just an idea to reality and it appears sides are talking:

Helwani has broken some of MMA's biggest stories, and this one could be an absolute stunner.

There's almost no doubt it would be a boxing match, and while McGregor's standup game in MMA is impeccable, he's not the greatest pure boxer in the world and would get dominated by Mayweather:


McGregor previously worked out with boxers as rumors ran wild in May of last year:

While Dana White has insisted the bout won't happen, McGregor could take the complicated steps to become a boxer without the UFC's approval.

McGregor recently acquired a boxing license in California, but he'd likely need to do the same in Las Vegas, where Mayweather fights.

We'll see if this dream fight actually materializes into anything.


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