Nate Diaz thinks he won the fight, but his face looks like it had been though a meat grinder BSO via Twitter Screen Shot

If you didn’t see UFC 202 and just saw the aftermath of Nate Diaz’s fight with Connor McGregor, you’d think there’s no way this came down to a decision. Oddly enough, it did after five grueling rounds that ultimately did not go in Diaz’s favor.

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Not on the scorecards (48-47, 47-47, 48-47,) and certainly not in the “injuries sustained” department in their highly-anticipated rematch.

Even after beating him to a bloody pulp, McGregor had the utmost respect for Diaz.

Diaz didn’t agree with the scorecards, having landed 166 significant strikes to McGregor’s 164, according to ESPN, and almost immediately demanded a rematch.


“I came to this fight worse off than last time. I didn’t get to train. I had injuries. I’m not making excuses, but you should have finished me off,” Diaz said, toward McGregor. “I’m ready for [No. 3]. I gave you [No. 2].”

Diaz won their first encounter by submission, knocking McGregor off the top of the UFC mountain in UFC 196.

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