CM Punk’s debut in the UFC didn’t go as well for the Straight Edge Superstar as he may have hoped, and it doesn’t look as though he’s taking the loss very well at this point in time.

Punk appeared on MTV’s The Challenge recently and found himself in a heated exchange between Johnny Bananas that revolved around Punk’s loss in the UFC.

Here’s the exchange from the episode below:

This is tough to watch, and it’s the fight is clearly instigated by Bananas who is ostensibly frustrated about Punk being fine with the loss in the event, but then takes it to another level with his comments on Punk’s fight in the UFC.

The Chicago native brushes off Bananas at first, but the argument continues and it ends with Punk clearly getting riled up at Bananas taking shots at him and making things personal.

One-time pro wrestler, MMA flash in the pan CM Punk got punked out by a reality star The Challenge/Facebook

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