One WWE wrestler pulled off one of the most dangerous moves of all time on Wednesday

There's a reason this move is often banned.

On Wednesday night's Cruiserweight Classic match between Kota Ibushi and THE Brian Kendrick, we saw one of the most dangerous moves in all of pro-wrestling: The Burning Hammer.

What's the Burning Hammer and why is it dangerous? Well, let's just take a look at the move.

That's right; unlike most wrestling moves that allow a wrestler to safely "bump" onto their back, the Burning Hammer almost clumsily drops the man on their neck.

The move was innovated by famous Japanese wrestler Kenta Kobashi, but even he only used the move seven times due to the danger involved to the wrestler receiving the move. When executed correctly, like in the video above, the wrestler takes most of the impact to their shoulder, but there is so much that can go wrong and the recipient can often take too much force to their neck.

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It's interesting that WWE even allowed this to happen in a match under their WWE Network auspicious, but with Ibushi and Kendrick being two experienced veterans, I guess they allowed it... or they both might not be wrestling with WWE after this tournament, and were more concerned about putting on a show over WWE's rules.

Still, you don't see this move often, so it was definitely a shocker to see it in action on Wednesday. It definitely added to the match, but hopefully we won't see something like this for a long time.