Ronda Rousey's boyfriend, Travis Browne, got knocked out then was called out for alleged domestic abuse

Derrick Lewis with NO REGARD.

In a stunner at UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1, Derrick Lewis (18-4) knocked out Travis Browne (18-6) to extend his six-fight win streak with his 16th knockout.

After a first round where Lewis was sporadic with connecting on his strikes and Browne clearly hurt his opponent, the "Black Beast" hurt Ronda Rousey's famous boyfriend early in the second:

Lewis connected on a grazing hook that sent Browne crumbling to the mat.

After he finished the knockout victory, he then called out his opponent for domestic abuse allegations that were never found to be conclusive.

An investigation by UFC didn't turn anything up and his ex-wife never pressed charges.

Lewis has rattled off a five-fight win streak, with his latest win a fourth-round TKO victory over Shamil Abdurakhimov late in the fourth round.

Browne hasn't won in more than a year, losing both of his last two fights to contenders