According to Cageside Seats, former three-time Crusierweight champion Tajiri is officially done with WWE.

He hasn’t wrestled on WWE television since January and dealt with nagging knee issues during his short stint back.

Here’s what Tajiri said about his time in WWE back in April (loose translation here from a series of tweets):

“A few days passed, but it seems that it will not be announced easily, so from yourself … injuries of the knees owed in January, indeed it is all right without any problems at all, but while the doctor of WWE also gives OK, it is “Risky” . Well, anybody who is a wrestler’s body part who has been doing professional wrestling for many years is a matter of course.

So, as a company, considering my age of 46 years old, “I can not let the game go on at WWE.” I wonder if it will be OK after a while? I tried waiting while doing coach of NXT, but it is still bad by all means. With that kind of amulet, I will return to Japan.”

You can watch Tajiri’s last WWE match here:

He also competed in a dark match for NXT back in early May before he finished up with WWE. Tajiri is 46 years old.

Former champion reportedly now officially done with WWE WWE/YouTube
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