<> during the Macao UFC Fight Night Press Conference at the Four Season Hotel on August 20, 2014 in Hong Kong.

UFC just sold for an insane amount of money, but here's what that means for President Dana White

After months of speculation, the deal is done.

Quickly becoming one of the biggest sports in the world, the UFC has been sold to the WME-IMG for a whopping $4 billion.

Originally bought for just $2 million, the organization becoming regulated and legalized in major cities (such as New York) has enhanced the brand and opened new opportunities.

As for some of the major drawbacks of the spot, the new owners will have their challenges.

How they handle the deemed unfair pay and the insane Reebok deal remains to be seen. As for the sometimes controversial Dana White, he will remain the organization's president.

Franks and Lorenzo Fertitta, the organization's former owners, will remain minority owners.