Wrestling got real when Brock Lesnar cut open Randy Orton the hard way with nasty elbows to the head WWE Network/Screenshot

WWE’s main event at Summerslam ended when UFC superstar and former WWE champ Brock Lesnar dismantled Randy Orton and ended his night with absolutely brutal elbows to the head, cutting him open the hard way.

Orton and Lesnar were very open about their dislike for each other leading up to the match, with comments bordering on “shoot” promos.

While the finish was clearly for Orton to be “knocked out,” those knocks on “The Viper,” sure didn’t look staged.

You can’t pay me enough to get in the ring with Lesnar.

Prashad is the Senior Content Editor for Cox Media Group's He considers Muhammad Ali, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce some of the all-time greats. Boston is TitleTown, in case you were wondering.
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