WWE announces bizarre rematch details for Brock Lesnar's bloody brawl with Randy Orton

Orton-Lesnar II is set!

It looks like WWE fans can anticipate a sequel to the bloody brawl from Summerslam.

It's just not a high-profile rematch many of us expected.

According to Paul Heyman, and released by WWE, the rematch will actually take place at a house show in Chicago, which are typically not televised. This could be a WWE Network special, but it's bizarre for this high-profile of a match to not be on a pay-per-view or some big event.

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It could, however, be the final piece to connect Lesnar to Shane McMahon for their rumored tilt. Or it could just be a way to get Goldberg back on television.


Until then, we'll let the speculation run wild.