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All Charges Dropped Against PGA Star Scottie Scheffler

Prosecutors have dropped all charges against Scottie Scheffler stemming from a fatal traffic accident in Louisville ahead of the second round of the PGA Championship a few weeks back, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Scheffler, the world's top-ranked golfer, was charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding traffic signals from an officer. He allegedly moved his car forward during the incident outside of  Valhalla Golf Club.

New video revealed his conversation with a police officer as Scheffler sat in the back of a patrol car.

"The decision comes one week after the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department announced that arresting officer Bryan Gillis had 'received corrective action' for failing to activate his body camera before performing law-enforcement actions as is required by policy," wrote Patrick McDonald of CBS Sports. "That spawned an internal investigation into whether proper police protocol was followed in the arrest of Scheffler."

ESPN added that "Scheffler's attorney, Steve Romines, had previously said that Scheffler would plead not guilty and would not accept a plea deal. After being released from jail, Scheffler returned to the PGA Championship and shot a second-round 5-under 66. A third-round 73 marred his tournament, and he finished tied for eighth at 13-under par."

Scheffler could be heard setting the scene in the video.

"My house is right up that road, so I was planning on getting here at 5:50 this morning to start my warmup for my tee time," Scheffler says in the video. "I had to loop all the way around that way, took me about probably a half hour. So I'm pulling in here, the police officer up there told me to come the opposite way with the traffic and then come in. As I was pulling in, my window was down, and the officer told me to stop and as I was — first of all, I did not know that he was a police officer. I thought he was one of the security guards that was mistaken. And as I was pulling by him he grabbed my arm..."

The police officer cut off Scheffler, before Scheffler apologized. Now, the case is over.