Bryson DeChambeau, Golf, PGA
AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Bryson DeChambeau Confronts Man Who Swiped Golf Ball From Kid

PGA star Bryson DeChambeau attempted to throw one of his golf balls to a young fan, but then a grown man stepped in and swiped it. Clearly, DeChambeau was having none of that, video footage revealed.

DeChambeau finished second at the PGA Championship last week, but he may have emerged as the big winner for this act. wrote more on the golfer and the incident:

"DeChambeau has completely re-characterized himself from a PGA Tour villain, who might have been too smart for his own good, to a fan-favorite over the past few years. He even said during his post-round press conference Sunday at the PGA Championship, after finishing one shot shy of Xander Schauffele's winning score, that he was 'trying to be a bit of an entertainer that plays good golf every once in a while.'"

He's definitely an entertainer. And perhaps now, an enforcer.

"Then take what happened during the middle of his round Sunday," wrote. "As DeChambeau walked off the 9th green toward the 10th tee, he tried to toss a young fan his golf ball. That's the kinda thing that kids will remember forever, some even use it as motivation to take their own golf games to the next level and in so many years, be the ones handing out golf balls themselves.

"It's a small gesture for DeChambeau, but a huge moment for the kid."

Yeah, unless a grown man gets in the way, that is.

DeChambeau yelled in the man's direction several times before saying "Come on." The man handed the ball to the kid.

"Without even looking at him, the man handed back DeChambeau's golf ball to the young fan, whose face just lit up," relayed. "He didn't care that the ball intended for him was initially intercepted by an overzealous tournament attendee. He couldn't contain the excitement for the souvenir he just received."