Grace Charis, Golf
(Grace Charis/X)

Golf Influencer Grace Charis Says She's 'Gym Girl Now'

If there's one thing we can count on, it's that golf influencer Grace Charis will keep the content coming. Oh, and she will generally go viral when she does.

Charis' latest effort was one of those famous gym selfies, which show a person either preparing for or finishing a workout. They don't always get noticed. But they aren't always Charis.

"Gym girl now," she captioned a social media post, above a picture of her sporting a blue outfit.

Needless to say, the comments came rolling in, the vast majority of which were highly complimentary.

Grace Charis, Golf

(Grace Charis/X)

So, who is Grace Charis, exactly? Well, she hails from Newport Beach, California, and reportedly began her golf career just a couple of years ago. She's been called a social media entrepreneur and influencer, with everything she posts being golf-themed (and oh-so-popular).

And yes, she has turned pro in the sport.

She even played in the women's Ryder Cup in Italy in 2024. But her biggest accomplishment to date may be garnering more than 4 million followers on social media, as well as setting up a highly profitable OnlyFans page.

As wrote:

"At age 21, Grace is no novice in creating content that blurs the lines between the sport of golf and the realms of fashion and sensuality. Her repertoire includes an array of saucy content, from going braless on the greens to donning a low-cut red top while playing golf in Hawaii. Each post showcases her flair for integrating golf with bold fashion statements, thus attracting a broad spectrum of attention to the sport."

Charis, by the way, bills herself as "your favorite golf girl." It seems many would agree with that moniker — especially after her "Masters photoshoot" video.


Masters photoshoot

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