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Case Of Mistaken Identity, Golf Reporter Thinks She Is Interviewing QB Vince Young

At the BMW Charity Pro-Am in South Carolina, reporter Lauren Withrow was interviewing a man she believed to be former NCAA champion quarterback Vince Young, when actually it was a random attendee participating in the event.

The golf reporter was seen approaching a guy who was walking on the course.

"Six seasons in the NFL, arguably one of the best NCAA quarterbacks of all-time at Texas, picked up golf about four years ago," was the introduction given by Withrow.

"What's the biggest shift you've made going from the ultimate team sport to the ultimate individual sport?" she asked.

"Now, I apologize," said the man who noticed she had a case of mistaken identity. "You have the wrong person. I'm Everette Sands. Which, I'm a football coach. But, the thing is, the great thing about golf is I'm not only competing against myself but I'm competing against everybody else."

As it turned out, Sands does in fact have a football background, as he is the offensive skill specialist coach at the Division I Citadel college football team. However, this is not who the reporter wanted to interview, as Sands is not a former NFL quarterback.

In case you needed a reminder of what Vince Young actually looked like:

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The recent interview on the Golf Channel has since went viral, and Sands later elaborated on how comical the big misunderstanding actually was, describing it as a "very interesting moment."

In an interview with WCIV, the assistant football coach explained what was going through his mind during the awkward back-and-forth dialogue.

"Young lady came up and she said, 'Vince,' which I thought she was introducing herself to me, she said, 'Can I get an interview after you tee off?' And I was like, 'Sure.' I teed off and she came up and she started talking about being one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA and playing for Texas and six-year NFL career and I was like, 'She think I'm Vince Young.'"

Sands went on to say that he actually ran into Young later in the day.

"Vince came up, I said, 'Hey, Vince, how you doing? My name is Vince Young,'" Sands stated. "He just sort of smiled, I said, 'But let me tell you the story behind this.' He did get a good chuckle out of it."