John Daly, PGA
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John Daly Smokes It Up While Prepping For PGA Championship

John Daly is one of kind, and there may be no other golfer him again — like, ever.

And not surprisingly, Daly offered another example of that by practicing for this week's PGA Championship with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Only Daly, man.

Daly, 58, also is sporting his usual Santa Claus beard (and build) with the major just around the bend. No word on if he'll take a golf cart around the course or just ride a sleigh. Actually, with his cig in tow, Daly may be best suited for a Harley. But there really aren't as many cats as cool as this guy in all of pro sports.

Per The Daily Mail:

"Daly will tee off at 8:32 am on Thursday with Lee Hodges and Robert MacIntryre in his 547th PGA Tour event. Over his career, he collected five wins, three top-3, 23 top-5, and 35-top ten finishes.

"The University of Arkansas product won the PGA Championship in 1991, the same year he joined the tour.

"This week's buildup to the championship is not the first time his bizarre habits have been on display. In 2016, Daly revealed his unorthodox diet, which he parlays with his chainsmoking."

Needless to say, the video of Daly smoking at the driving range went viral. As for the diet, well ... let's just say we don't recommend it.

"Rich Beam calls me 'camel' cos I never drink water. I drink Diet Coke — I like to have ice, which to me is water. So I get plenty of water in my Diet Coke," Daly once said in an interview with Graham Bensinger

"I don't drink water. I hate water. I cannot stand to drink water. I used to drink 12-20 diet cokes a day, I'd go to McDonald's three or four times a day. To me, they always had the best fountain drink.'

"I drink about five gallons a week of whole milk. I like mixing Hershey's in my vitamin D milk,' he shared before explaining how vegetables don't sit well in his system.

"I don't eat beans spinach, broccoli, any of that stuff. When I was young my dad would force it down me, and I would throw it up."