Tiger Woods, John Daly, PGA Championship
(Getty Images illustration)

John Daly, Tiger Woods Captured Together In Iconic Image

Personality-wise, there may not be two men more different than John Daly and Tiger Woods. One is a junk-food junkie who smokes when he's getting ready for the PGA Championship. The other is solemn, fairly quiet, focusing solely on the game.

But John Daly and Tiger Woods are tight. They have spoken repeatedly about their tight bond. They have a great deal of respect for each other — that much each has made very clear.

So when a picture of the two shaking hands emerged on social media, it was indeed iconic. It featured Daly's face, with sunglasses, shaking hands with his pal Woods. The image showed Woods' smiling reflection in Daly's sunglasses.

The image was forwarded by Barstool Sports self-described golf guy Dan Rapaport, whose coverage of tournaments on X, formerly known as Twitter, has a strong reputation for being ... well, outstanding.

Woods was part of a threesome with Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley that teed off early at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday in the first round of the PGA Championship. Daly was in a group with Lee Hodges and Robert MacIntyre that teed off shortly after.

Woods has won the PGA Championship a total of four times. Daly won the tournament in 1991 — his first major championship, turning him into a major personality in the sport right away. He's been a character and occasional winner ever since.

The fact Woods and Daly share a mutual respect seems to be a major hit for those who follow the majors. And every golf tournament everywhere. Two of the greats, captured together again.