Justin Timberlake And Tiger Woods Teaming Up To Open Luxury Sports Bar In Scotland

Singer Justin Timberlake and golfer Tiger Woods both decided to recently open up a new sports bar in St. Andrews, Scotland, after the success of their first opening in New York last year.

The bar is called T-Squared Social Club, which matches up Tiger's first name to Timberlake's last name. Apparently, the two came up with the idea while playing golf together in the Bahamas.

Reportedly, the new opening bar will be located in the historic movie theater, the New Picture House Cinema, which is in St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf.

In view of their business relationship, Timberlake, 43, and Woods, 48, are the main shareholders of a real estate development company, Nexus Luxury Collection, and their proposed plan to turn the theater into a sports bar has just been approved.

Much like their Manhattan location, which features indoor golf, the duo's vision will incorporate dining, drinking, bowling, darts, and sports simulators. Woods said in a statement that he had many special moments in St. Andrews, and thought that this could be a welcoming place for both locals and tourists alike.

Notably, the announcement of this grand opening overseas is coming just a couple weeks since Timberlake was arrested after driving under the influence while in the Hamptons. That is to say, the pop star got a misdemeanor DWI charge but was later released from jail.

Many have drawn the comparison between the business partners as Woods also had a DUI charge in Florida (2017), when the famous golfer was found passed out in his car, later testing positive for having prescription drugs and marijuana in his system.

So hopefully the two don't party too hard together in Scotland.