Paige Spiranac
(Paige Spiranac/YouTube)

Paige Spiranac Accepts Challenge From Hailey Ostrom In Match Of Golf Influencers

It's golf influencer heaven, and it appears it will be taking place on an actual golf course. What a concept, huh? But it's true — as Hailey Ostrom issued a challenge to Paige Spiranac on social media, and Spiranic said she's all in. "Let's do it," she responded.

Joe Kinsey of Outkick has the details:

"For those of you who aren't familiar with Ostrom, this is like a Tiger vs. Phil showdown within the Instagram golf influencer world. 'Hey [Paige Spiranac] it sounds like everyone wants to see us play. What do you say?' Ostrom tweeted Monday.

"Paigeviews, who seems to be laying low for the 4th of July holiday week, perked up over the challenge. 'Let's do it!' she fired back at Ostrom, who has played professionally, attended the LPGA Qualifying School and appeared on Golf Channel's "Shotmakers."

"And just like that, we have a battle for the ages. "

Where and when this match may take place remains very much up in the air. But most fans don't care about watching the match. They just want to hear (and particularly, see) more from the influencers.

And no worries. Both offer plenty of content on a regular basis. Some may say even annoyingly so. They also once had a beef.

"Of course, it's more significant because of their past history," wrote Essentially Sports. "Ostrom and Spiranac locked horns two years ago over a Tiger Woods post. Amanda Rose, celebrating Tiger Woods's Hall of Fame induction, tweeted that the 15-time major winner might be the ultimate 'Girl Dad'.'

"However, Ostrmo took issue with it because of Woods's past marital troubles. Ostrom wrote, 'My own dad set the bar pretty high. Tiger is not in that same category.' Spiranac, however, recounted a past fiasco with Ostrom and her father.

"The argument snowballed into a firestorm, with both accusing each other of being 'petty'. Eventually, Ostrom apologized for unwittingly offending Paige Spiranac in a comment she made somewhere between 2018 and 19."

Now, it seems, they have hashed it out.