Paige Spiranac, Golf
Paige Spiranac/X)

Paige Spiranac Brings Hot Dog-Loving Universe To Its Knees

The Fourth of July is known for two things — America's Independence and that hot dog-eating contest. OK, maybe a couple other things, but you get the idea.

Anyway, golf influencer Paige Spiranac also made the holiday about unabashed love for some of her followers, as she celebrated the hot dog competition while sporting a bikini and a plate of frankfurters, then posted it to social media.

A lot of people don't know who won the competition and after seeing the pic of Spiranac, likely don't even care. They're just happy that there was a hot dog competition in the first place probably.

In fact, in the event you don't care about the hot dog contest, no worries. Spiranac attempted to set a new mark for herself.

"Time for the main event! 10 minutes on the clock and a plate of hot dogs," she captioned her picture, with the plate of weiners on her lap. "Wish me luck as I attempt to break my record. Click here to watch."

Spiranac then sent out a link to watch her attempt to eat the hot dogs, setting her own record. (For the record, young wannabe influencers should not try similar feats. Leave it to the professionals.)

So did Spiranac set the mark? We don't know. It's for paying customers only. And frankly, most people got to see plenty in the free content she provided alone.

This all follows Spiranac being in the news repeatedly during golf season. Some of the reasons even have to do with the actual game. Other reasons, though, are much more joyful to some of her fans.