Paige Spiranac, golf
(Paige Spiranac/X)

Golf Influencer Paige Spiranac Creates Social Media Fireworks With Fourth Of July Post

Never let it be said that golf influencer Paige Spiranac is quiet for the holidays. On the Fourth of July, she set off some Internet fireworks, and all she did was sit there.

But it may have helped that she was sporting a red, white and blue bikini. No, it had nothing to do with golf, the sport she plays and endlessly promotes. (Actually, she endlessly promotes herself via golf, but no one seems to mind, so go ahead and get down with yourbad self.)

Anyway, Spiranac sported her patriotic bikini in a picture that was captioned, "How is your 4th going?"

For a lot of people, the answer was likely, "A lot better now." Then they thanked her for asking.

She added a link to her subscription-only website, and let us tell you, this is one way to draw eyeballs to your product.

Along with this pic, Spirinac tweeted out a photo of herself in a bikini (a different bikini) to promote her attempt to break her own hot dog-eating record. Again, this was used to promote her paid site.

"Time for the main event! 10 minutes on the clock and a plate of hot dogs," she captioned her picture, with the plate of weiners on her lap. "Wish me luck as I attempt to break my record. Click here to watch."

Spiranac then sent out a link to watch her attempt to eat the hot dogs, setting her own record. (For the record, young wannabe influencers should not try similar feats. Leave it to the professionals.)

So did Spiranac set the mark? We don't know. Again, it's for paying customers only. And frankly, most people got to see plenty in the free content she provided alone.