Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac Heats Up Kentucky Derby With Social Media Pose

Golfer and model Paige Spiranac took her game to the Kentucky Derby, and fans will tell you she wasn't horsing around. Quite the opposite, actually.

More specifically, Spiranac posted a photo of herself on X and Instagram at the Derby, sporting a big hat and flower-patterned dress as she stood in front of the race track. "Who should I put my money on?" she asked as the caption.

Per the New York Post:

"While many social media users weren't as much help about the first leg of the Triple Crown races, one user had a thought about Spiranac.

"'I do declare...My money's on Paige,' they wrote on X."

Spiranac has around 4 million Instagram followers and nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers. Some of it has to do with golf and the well-deserved notoriety she gained from playing it and playing it well.

Some of it has to do with her beauty and winning personality.

Plenty of it has to do with what her most loyal fans wondering what they might see next.

Before turning pro, Spiranac played golf at the University of Arizona and San Diego State. She has found some success on the golf course. She has seen a lot more as a model and social media influencer.

"I did one year of playing golf professionally and I was just mentally exhausted. In golf, you fail more than you succeed and I was doing that in the public eye. Everyone was telling me, 'You should quit. You should give up. You're not good,'" she said.

"All of these things, and I was already dealing with these mental issues of years and years and years of trying so hard and coming up short and I just broke. I honestly cracked. I broke and I just stopped. I said 'Maybe I'll go back,' and I've never gone back to try and play golf professionally again."