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Paige Spiranac Steams Up Social Media Simply By Watching US Open

It's time for a golf major which means it's time for golf influencer Paige Spiranac to light up the internet. Not surprisingly, that's precisely what Spiranac did on Friday, when she announced she was watching the second round of the U.S. Open.

Spiranac, a golfer herself and relentless self-promoter, captioned a video, "POV: Golf is on TV." She then showed herself in a tank top and underwear. For most of her fans, that was enough.

But it seems as if he has deleted the video. The URL is here:

Paige Spiranac, Golf, US Open

(Paige Spiranac/X)

Spiranac doesn't always post such sultry pictures, of course. She is merely giving her fans what they want when she does. But as a former pro, she really does love the game.

That was something she revealed late last month when she talked about ... (drumroll, please) ... golf. And only golf.

"I don't talk about my playing career that often but I'm quite proud of everything I did achieve," she wrote on X. "I made a lot of mistakes along the way and wanted to share what I would've done differently to help those trying to play in college or pro."

(Paige Spiranac/X)

So she made a video and posted that, too, while offering some tips.

Granted, a lot of guys don't even realize Spiranac played professionally. Some likely don't even care. They just want to keep seeing pictures of her in, uh, green jackets. Or anything, really.

Spiranac has around 4 million Instagram followers and nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers. Some of it has to do with golf and the well-deserved notoriety she gained from playing it, and playing it well.

Plenty of it has to do with what her most loyal fans wondering what they might see next.