Scottie Scheffler enters The Masters considered among the favorites. (Getty)
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Scottie Scheffler, Sam Burns Admittedly Will Withdraw From Masters If Wives Go Into Labor

The first of the major golf tournaments tee off this week, you guessed it, with The Masters. But it may not be the most critical thing happening in the lives of golfers Scottie Sheffler or Sam Burns.

Each admitted they would withdraw if his wife were to go into labor. And guess what? Each has a very pregnant wife.

Burns' wife, Caroline, is due in less than two weeks Scheffler's wife, Meredith, still has three weeks before her due date. But none of that really means anything. This is pregnancy, and the birth of a child can happen any time this late. Due dates are just ballpark estimates, anyway.

"During Golf Channel's Monday edition of 'Live From The Masters,' Todd Lewis reported that if either get the call that their wives are going into labor during the tournament then they would immediately withdraw and do everything in their power to get to the hospital," wrote Mark Harris of Outkick. "Neither Burns' wife nor Scheffler's wife made the trip to Augusta given their fast-approaching due dates."

So if a baby is on the way, for Scheffler or Burns, it will be better luck next year as far as The Masters are concerned.

That makes sense. What would be a real shame is if either sat near the top of the leaderboard when the call came. But being with your wife during childbirth is the one thing that trumps a green jacket.

Interestingly, Scheffler is considered among this year's Masters favorites.

"Perhaps no one has a clearer path to victory this year than the 2022 champion, Scottie Scheffler," wrote Patrick McDonald of CBS Sports. "The world No. 1 has once again raced through the initial portion of the PGA Tour schedule eyeing his second green jacket in the last three years."

The Masters start on April 11, before concluding three days later. For Scheffler and Burns, it could end quicker than that.