After loud fan messes with a Tiger Woods putt, entire gallery turns on him @sportingnews/Twitter

Tiger Woods always brings a crowd with him in any tournament he’s playing, no matter how poorly he’s played recently or even how well he might be playing at the time. That was the case on Sunday at Torrey Pines for the Farmers Insurance Open when one overzealous fan was “that guy” when he yelled “Get in the hole!” before Woods finished his stroke at the  hole.

That’s definitely not considered to be “cool” as far as golf etiquette goes and you can clearly see Tiger Woods getting upset it as he was clearly affected by the shout. However, that wasn’t the end of it as the rest of the gallery immediately turned on this guy and started pointing him out and taking video of him for documentation purposes.

The man tried to apologize, but that was definitely falling on deaf ears and even a volunteer working the event suggested to the other fans that they should “beat his ass” and he even doubled down on it by saying “That’s what you guys should do” after he reconsidered it.

Fortunately, the other fans didn’t take him up on his advice and a situation that definitely could have ended poorly, just ended with Woods ended up making par rather than nailing a birdie putt.


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