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Video Of Scottie Scheffler Arrest Released, Shows Officer Giving Chase

New video footage has been released from an internal investigation into the arrest of PGA star Scottie Scheffler, shared by Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg and the Louisville Metro Police Department. The incident took place outside Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky just a few hours before Scheffler teed off at the PGA Championship last week.

Per the New York Post:

"LMPD posted two videos — one from a 'fixed pole camera' and another, which is 'the dash cam of a police car' — Greenberg said during a press conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

"The video from the fixed pole camera, which is four minutes long, showed the rainy, dark scene outside Valhalla — and what appeared to be a police officer approaching Scheffler's vehicle around the 20-40-second mark."

One of the officers involved in Scheffler's arrest reportedly failed to turn on his body cam. That would be a violation of protocol if so. It may not mean much in the big scheme of things, but it could, too.

"From my understanding, based on the facts I am aware of right now, I understand why body cam may not have been turned on at the initial contact between Officer Gillis and Mr. Scheffler," Greenberg said Tuesday. "I still have questions about why it was not on during Mr. Scheffler's arrest."

Scheffler allegedly hit and dragged a police officer as he tried to make his way to the tournament in Louisville. His attorney told ESPN that Scheffler intends to enter a not-guilty plea.

"LMPD also said it is not aware of any video footage that captures the initial interaction between LMPD and Scheffe," the Post reported.