A Bay City, Michigan Little Leaguer Starts a Dance Party to Pitbull's "Fireball".
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Little Leaguer Grooves on Second Base, Starts Game-Wide Dance Party


It's impossible not to dance when Pitbull starts playing. Mr. Worldwide has been producing hits like "Hotel Room Service", "Give Me Everything", "Timber", and "Time of Our Loves" for ages. But, his 2014 single "Fireball" brings enough heat to get Little Leaguers moving in the middle of a game.

In Bay City, Michigan, a young ballplayer was on second base while a new pitcher was warming up. To fill the dead air, the park started playing some music. First, we catch the tail end of "My Maria" by Brooks & Dunn, where the little leaguer, apparently named Evan, starts boogying like he was at a disco club dancing to the Bee Gees. Then, "Fireball" comes over the speakers, and Evan turns the field into a party.

Little Leaguer Incites Dance Party to Pitbull's "Fireball"


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I have to hand it to Evan. The kid's got moves. He starts getting down to Pitbull, and of course, the parents love it. They're laughing, hooting, hollering and enjoying the show. Mr. Worldwide has that affect on people, and Evan has that affect on his opponents.

While Evan is doing his thing on second, the shortstop, second baseman, first baseman and center fielder of the opposing team join the fun. They start Bernieng and hop around trying to find the rhythm. Throughout the whole thing, Evan is still grooving away.

It's unclear whether Evan's team had 4 or 3 runs, but I'd like to think his dance moves inspired his team to pull out the victory. You know in a sports movie when the coach gives a speech that sums up the point? We then see a montage of all the early mornings, hard practices and the classic -- at least in a basketball movie -- running the offense without the ball? I imagine all Evan's coach had to do was point to him, and the team gets locked in by remembering all the practices they listened to "Globalization."


Anyway, kudos to Evan for adding some worldwide flavor to one of the most boring parts of baseball games.

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