Camden Acri is a Flag Football star. Don't believe us? Take a look at this insane clip from his most recent touchdown run.
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This Flag Football Star Could Be the Future Face of the NFL in 15 Years

The National Football League season is over. The rebooted XFL is trying to fill the void, with games scheduled through the championship in mid-May. Regardless of what league comes knocking, there's no doubt that Camden Acri, the young flag football star you're about to meet, will get plenty of attention in the years to come. But first, he needs to graduate high school, middle school and elementary school.

Camden Acri Breaks Ankles

The days of the pocket passer are numbered, as more and more teams opt for multi-dimensional talent who can both run and pass. Just look at the top guys in the NFL: Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Justin Fields — the list goes on. Sure, some are more well-rounded than others. Regardless, they're all threats to some degree both with their arms and legs.

Camden Acri is showing early on that turning a busted play into a 30-yard gain is a piece of cake. After going through the progressions and finding no viable receiving options — not even a checkdown underneath is available — this star-to-be takes off up the right side of the field and finds pay dirt. The speed when turning upfield is impressive, as is the ability to cut on a dime and force an opponent to whiff on the tackle. You can put a cherry on top with the celebration in the end zone — better dance moves than I've ever had, to be sure.

Yes, some things need to be worked on. The ball security leaves a lot to be desired. But, hey, there's plenty of time to work on fundamentals. The raw talent is clearly on display here, and identifying that talent early on goes a long way to aiding in development to prepare for higher levels of competition down the road. Some may be skeptical given the fact that this is only "flag football," but many say that's where the NFL is trending anyway, given the heightened focus on player safety. No matter what, this Camden has game.

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