Dylan Crasi makes an interception while flipping backward.
Screenshot from Instagram

High Schooler's One-Handed Backflip Interception Makes Him a Viral Sensation

Schoolmates of Aurora High's Dylan Crasi began calling him "SportsCenter" after a ridiculous interception of his landed on TV.

There are interceptions, and then there are interceptions. One high schooler recently did what it took to make an interception, which in this case included a full on backflip.

Dylan Crasi was playing for Aurora High School in Ohio when he did his best gymnast impersonation to pick off Baberton High's quarterback for the 35-33 win. As he jumped backward to haul in the interception with one hand, he did a full backflip that also looked somewhat painful when he came down on his neck.

The play was so incredible that it landed on the "SportsCenter" Top 10 plays on Saturday morning. Just see for yourself:

Crasi, who is a class of 2024 recruit, might have put some colleges on notice with the pick. He told Spectrum News 1 that kids around school began calling him "SportsCenter" after the highlight catch.

"It's been really crazy, kind of a surreal moment for me," he said.

While Crasi came down on what looked to be his head and neck, he sprung up like he was fine. But Aurora head coach Bob Mihalik was initially worried after the awkward landing.

"The first thing we were concerned that he might be hurt," Mihalik told Spectrum News 1. "You know cause when you see him fall down we were worried about his neck, but when he popped up we were pretty happy obviously that he was healthy number one and number two that he saved the game."

The play has since gone viral and been passed all around the internet. Aurora is 9-1 on the season and begins their quest for a championship this Friday night against the Alliance Aviators. As long as Crasi is on the field, Aurora should have no problem taking care of business.

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