High school football coach fired
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High School Football Coach Fired After Punching Kid During Game

An assistant football coach in Florida has been fired after a video came to light of him punching a player in the helmet as he ran off the field this past weekend.

"A coaches' role extends beyond shaping young athletes into great football players; it's about molding them into exceptional individuals within our society. You should NEVER reach a point where you find it necessary to engage in this. #shameful," Kevin Hobbs, a former NFL player, said. 

In the wake of this, the assistant coach, as mentioned, has been fired, according to Andy Villamarzo, an East Coast high school sports writer for SBLive Sports.

The high school coach who was fired coached at Jesuit High School. The President of the High School, Reverend Richard C. Hermes, has told parents that the part-time coach has been removed.

The punch occurred after Jesuit's opponent, Tampa Catholic, appeared to be in a fourth down punting formation on their own 29-yard line. Then, Jesuit coaches started signaling for a timeout as too many men were on the field. One of Jesuit's player ran off the field and he was the player hit by the coach. After this, the player removed his helmet, turned to face the field, and was screamed at by the assistant coach.

The school released a statement.

"I am writing to make you aware of an incident that occurred this past Friday night during the Jesuit home football game. Between plays on the field, one of our part-time assistant coaches struck a Jesuit player on the helmet as the player was coming off the field and onto the sideline.

This behavior contradicts what the school stands for and is completely contrary to the expectations we have for coaches, moderators, and faculty members, who are to be role models for our students and mentors in their development as young men.

We have reached out to the student, who was not injured in the incident, and to his family. We have met with the coach and informed him that he will no longer be coaching Jesuit football or assisting the school in any other capacity.

The mission of Jesuit is to provide a Christian formation and education for our students. This requires that we maintain an environment for them that is safe, supportive, and conducive to their well-being and growth. This standard applies to all activities, inside and outside the classroom. We are reviewing our internal procedures and staff training to ensure that this standard is upheld by all Jesuit personnel, full-time and part-time.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement in helping us to better fulfill our mission."

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