High school football missed penalty.
Screenshot from Twitter video provided in article.

High School Football Refs Miss The Most Egregious Pass Interference You'll Ever See

This game between two Tennessee high school football programs had what might be the worst missed pass interference penalty you'll ever see.

It's August, which means football of all kinds — including high school football — is back. And we now have plenty of opportunities to find blown calls by those wearing the zebra colors and making the calls.

This past weekend, a high school game in Eastern Tennessee had a no-call on a pass interference play that may not have impacted the game's final score but was still mind-boggling to watch.

The game was Grace Christian Academy (Knoxville) against King's Academy (Seymour).

Grace Christian won the game 28-21 and is now 1-0, but look at this play below that resulted in pass interference that was not called.

That is utterly baffling.

The receiver for Grace Christian (No. 4) ran an out route, and No. 10 for King's Academy, the cornerback, grabbed his jersey so egregiously that the player couldn't even move toward the ball.

We understand that being a referee is often a no-win situation. But that play right there? How does that not get called? That doesn't get called if none of the referees were watching the play — which you'd like to assume they were.

Again, this had no bearing on the outcome—but imagine if it did. That would be one rough start to a season.

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