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High School Plays "Hide and Seek" for Perfect Trick Play

How do you hide an entire player? St. Francis High School figured out a way, and pulled off a hidden player trick play in Wheaton, Illinois.

They lined up with the right guard and right tackle touching side-by-side, rather than a normal line split, and behind them, they hid running back Dom Cosentino.

The play setup looked like a reverse to the right side, but instead, they handed the ball off on the inside on a misdirection to the hidden back, who took the ball 25 yards for a first down.

HS Team Pulls Off "Hide and Seek" Trick Play

The offensive linemen don't pull with the play, instead they stay together and simply stand up to hide the back from view of the defense until he's already at full speed running down field.

This post was originally published on October 21, 2015.

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