Oklahoma high school baseball handshake line.
Screenshot from Twitter

Sucker Punch in High School Baseball Handshake Line Goes Viral

Handshake lines are supposed to be a sign of sportsmanship — where, after two teams compete, they can high-five and tell each other good job. One Oklahoma high school baseball player must not have gotten that memo.

An Oklahoma high school baseball playoff matchup over the weekend took a wild turn after the game, when a player in the handshake line sucker-punched an opposing player. The incident took place in the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association 3A Regional Tournament, after the Oklahoma Christian Saints beat the Bethel Wildcats.

As the teams began their usual postgame handshakes, one Bethel player went full Mike Tyson at the Saints' catcher.

Well, that's not something you see every day on the diamond.

There might have been some bad blood between the Oklahoma Christian catcher and that kid from Bethel. Maybe it was something from a previous game, as the two teams also played each other Friday before Oklahoma Christian ended Bethel's season on Sunday.

Maybe the kid was simply jealous of the catcher's mullet. Maybe one of them was talking smack about the other's mom. Who knows for sure? Regardless, the dude with the right hook should be punished. The millions of people who've seen it on Twitter would likely agree, too.

Oklahoma Christian defeated Bethel to become regional champions and advance to the state playoffs, so it would appear the Saints got the last laugh.

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