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13-Year-Old's Viral Slide Looked Like He Stopped Time

You don't know Perez Parker yet, but he'll probably be playing the MLB one day.

That's because the 13-year-old youth baseball player can do things most kids his age can't. For starters, he's built like a young Bo Jackson who can Euro-step his way through traffic on the basketball court. But on the baseball field, he can fire fastballs and crank home runs.

Oh, and he can basically stop time while sliding. It's pretty impressive.

13-Year-Old's Viral Nifty Slide

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Perez was playing in a weekend Prep Baseball Report tournament in Cartersville, Georgia, when he pulled off a slide that took the Internet by storm.

He was on third. A pitch got away from the catcher, and his teammate at the plate gave him the stop sign with his hand. Perez ignored it and raced home anyway.

As he approached the plate, he realized he was dead in the water to the pitcher covering home.

He improvised by pulling an impressive pop-up slide well short of the pitcher so he could tip toe around the tag. It looked like he slowed everyone and everything around him down to execute that, too.

Perez's teammates had to pick their jaws up off the dugout ground:

Screenshot from Instagram

Even the opposing coaches were shocked at what they saw:

Screenshot from Instagram

And for anyone arguing he was tagged out, there's a clear angle that shows the pitcher's glove was well behind Perez's leg as he crossed home.

The Internet was impressed, too. Video of Perez's slide, which he's dubbed "The Rez Slide," was reposted by major social media accounts like House of Highlights, Bleacher Report and Barstool Sports.

Judging from the recency of his Instagram account, Perez likely made an account after his slide went viral to capitalize on the moment. Considering he's already got six-pack abs and can slide smoothly like that, this 13-year-old should have college baseball offers in no time.

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