Texas Little League coach Kenneth Wendt is under fire after a high five line.
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Little League Coach Under Fire After Encounter With Player in High-Five Line


If you've ever been to a Little League game, you know that parents and coaches are often times the absolute worst people on the field. Go watch Will Ferrell's baseball dad sketch for a not-even-exaggerated look at what some parents can act like.

It's one thing for coaches to behave immaturely toward each other, but it completely crosses the line when one does so toward a player. Especially when that coach is also a cop and the kid isn't even 10 years old.

That's why the stunt Kenneth Wendt pulled after his team lost a game had parents outraged and led to his removal as a coach.

Little League Coach Removed For Being Rough With Opposing Player


Wendt, who is a sergeant for Harris County Precinct 5, aggressively shoved a player's hand in the high-five line after his 9-and-under Scorpions Baseball team was on the losing side of a game against Prospects Baseball on Saturday in West Houston.

In the video posted by KHOU11, you can hear multiple players complain about the aggressive nature, including one who says "ow" a number of times and another that says, "That coach pulled me back." Wendt is the coach in the khaki shorts.

Wendt's actions were indefensible, and he was removed as a coach for the team, per a team statement sent to KHOU11.

"His actions were unacceptable and do not align with our organization's values. We removed him from coaching and from our club about 8:30 a.m. Sunday."


Still, parents from the Scorpions were outraged. Prospects coach Victor Torres told KHOU11 that coaches like Wendt have to be held to a higher standard.

"Just like I tell my kids 'We don't lose, we learn,'" Torres said. "You don't do that to 9-year-olds. You don't put your hands on 9-year-olds. Especially not someone else's child."

It's unclear if anything else will come from this story, but Wendt should've already personally apologized to those kids. The fact that he's a cop makes it ten times worse. Using any sort of aggressive behavior toward a kid -- especially one that isn't yours -- is just plain messed up.

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