"Our onsite physician and EMS were on the scene immediately, and we are appreciative of their quick response," the Brewers said in the statement.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"Kaylee Klein, who was at the game with her boyfriend and his family and friends, said when the game ended, she and her group were waiting for fans to leave the section they were in. She said they were in line to get on the escalator but it was "such a long line," estimating at least 100 were waiting to get on and that at least 20 people were on the escalator. She said the escalator was the one outside of section 425 to 427."

"While we were in line, we heard a screeching sound, which then led to about five to 10 seconds later the escalator picking up speed to probably about 10 to15 miles per hour," Klein said, via the outlet. "Then from the top where we were on the fourth level, we just saw fans like just plummeting down basically. Then someone else that was up there clicked the emergency stop button and I had yelled for everybody to back up from the area."