Brian Cashman takes his bromance for Derek Jeter to new heights

There are going to be multiple stories this year that say something along the lines of "Derek Jeter will never be replaced" or "Didi Gregorius is having trouble filling in at short for Derek Jeter."

The Captain will never take the field for the Yankees again, his No. 2 will never be worn again and the captain's role he once filled is in need of a replacement. But if it was up to general manager Brian Cashman, no one ever, like ever ever should be named the captain of the New York Yankees.

"As far as I'm concerned, and I'm not to decision maker on this, that captaincy should be retired with No. 2," Cashman said, via the New York Daily News. "I wouldn't give up another captain's title to anyone else."

Jeter was the longest-tenured captain in Yankees history, as he held the position from 2003 until last season. Before that, the team's captain status was vacated from 1995 until Jeter took over.

It's possible that the captaincy will remain empty for a while, but to say that the team should never have a captain again is ludicrous. Who knows, someone may come along that is just as legendary and beloved as Jeter.