Corbin Carroll smiles during warm-ups for the Diamondbacks.
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Corbin Carroll's Parents Helped Him Reach MLB Stardom

Corbin Carroll is close with his parents, Brant and Pey-Lin Carroll, who helped him reach MLB stardom so early in his career.

Corbin Carroll is unlike most people his age. The Seattle native and former Lakeside High School standout has been reaching for new heights on the baseball diamond ever since he was young. The thing is, the 23-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder still is still young and already is making his debut in the World Series.

Despite his age, Carroll has a lengthy track record of winning. Though he committed to play for UCLA, Carroll decided to go straight to the pros after being selected 16th overall by the Diamondbacks in the 2019 MLB Draft. He missed 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by a shoulder injury. But he knocked it out of the park in the minors in 2022, getting called up in August 2022.

Since his professional debut, Carroll's stock has only risen, with the rookie helping lead Arizona to the 2023 World Series against the Texas Rangers. It's an impressive resumé for someone so young. That usually indicates a solid upbringing.

By all accounts, Carroll's home life is as steady as the outfielder at the plate. By now, you've probably seen one of the many viral moments from Carroll's parents. Whether they're dropping him off at his first game, gawking at his new bobblehead or treasuring his debut jersey, Brant and Pey-Lin Carroll can't stop being proud of their son.

Meet Corbin Carroll's Parents, Brant and Pey-Lin Carroll

Brant Carroll and Pey-Lin Carroll come from two different worlds Brant is Irish American and Pey-Lin is Taiwanese, her family having moved to Louisiana when she was young.

The biracial couple has two children: Corbin and his younger sister, Campbell Carroll, both of whom are star athletes. The family still lives in Seattle, where Dr. Brant Carroll is an ophthalmic surgeon. Pey-Lin is a proud mother, always posting family updates on X (formerly Twitter).

Carroll's parents have gone viral several times since he reached the majors, such as during his first home opener for the D-Backs. Brant and Pey-Lin were there to drop him off at Chase Field like a kid on his first day of school. It was a moment so wholesome that you want to stuff it in a pillow and snuggle with it.

But Pey-Lin was Diamondback-famous way before that. In 2022, when Carroll made his MLB debut, photographers captured the moment when he gave the jersey to his overjoyed mother.

It's the stuff Hallmark movies are made of.

Jokes aside, Carroll gives full credit to his parents and family for his baseball success. According to Carroll, via

"Any time I feel like someone wants to look into me, that's the place [my family] to start. Just because I'm very close with my mom and dad and my younger sister.

"They mean so much to me, and the support they've given me — I feel like I owe them so much."

It's true what they say: Success on the field starts at home.

Corbin Carroll's Stellar Rookie Campaign

Corbin Carroll rounds the bases against the Dodgers.

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Somewhere in Arizona, a Diamondbacks executive is feeling pretty smart right about now.

Corbin Carroll's rookie season has been unlike any other, smashing 25 home runs while stealing 50 bases, becoming the first rookie to ever hit both of those marks.

He's added two homers and four stolen bases in the playoffs so far, going 3-for-4 with two stolen bases in Game 7 of the 2023 National League Championship Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. He became the second-youngest player in MLB history with at least three hits and two stolen bases in a playoff game, behind Ty Cobb's 1908 World Series performance at the age of 21. That's rare company.

With his eight-year, $111 million contract signed earlier this year, Carroll's going to be in Arizona for a long time, even if his family remains in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe he'll play for Seattle after the Diamondbacks, and maybe not. But one thing is clear: Near or far, the Carrolls are a tight-knit group, capable of pushing one another to incredible heights. That's what's gotten Carroll to where he is today — on the precipice of a World Series win before the age of 25. Let's see what he does next. 

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