Chicago Cubs fan

Young Cubs Fan Gets The Business In Worst Way From Big Sister

Big sisters are never easy, especially when the younger sibling is a brother. One young fan of the Chicago Cubs sadly learned this the hard way. But hey, at least the evidence was captured on video.

Live, from the stands, the sister could be seen hitting her little brother where it counts during the seventh-inning stretch and while singing along to Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Perhaps she got the words mixed up and only heard "take out" and "ball."

The children's parents were right there, too. But dad was too into the song to notice. Same goes for mom, who had her arm around her son at the time of the ... uh, "take out." But like father, mother kept right on signing. Little brother immediately bent over at the waist.

Either way, the video revealed 4 seconds of utter entertainment. Thank you, Internet. And to whoever captured the shameless crime on camera.

All of this took place on the Fourth of July. Independence Day. At an MLB game. That perhaps made it sting even a little more.

Whiskey Riff summed it up this way:

"Brutal. The kid took it in stride, doubling over but laughing and knowing that it was his own fault for leaving his jewels unprotected. But come on sis, on America's birthday? That's just mean.

"And there's really no way this one was an accidental nut check. She clearly planned that one out, and perfectly executed the mission - though she probably didn't expect it to get caught on camera and go viral. (Of course the parents were so into the song that they didn't even notice what was happening beside them)."