Tyler Glasnow Wrote His Number On A Ball To Meet His Girlfriend

Dodgers pitcher Tyler Glasnow has a love story that originated during the middle of a game, when he was playing for the Tampa Bay Rays back in 2021.

In the third inning of Friday's game against the Padres, Dodgers' play-by-play announcer, Joe Davis, gave the behind-the-scenes exclusive tale of how Glasnow met his current girlfriend, Meghan Murphy.

While playing for Tampa Bay a few years back, the pitcher was at the ballpark, when he noticed a girl in the crowd that he thought was good-looking. Seeing that, he asked the Rays team photographer to borrow the camera, so he could zoom in on her and get a better look. Then after confirming his initial inkling of attraction for the fan, Glasnow wrote his phone number along with the words, ["Do you have a boyfriend? If so, have a good night. If not, text me"] written on a baseball and then proceeded to give it to the ball boy, who ran it over to give to her. So the girl, that we now know as Murphy, never texted him that night but actually came to the next day's game, and threw him a baseball back with her number on it and said, "No, you text me."

And so the pitcher obliged, and as the sportscaster Davis said, "The rest is history."

Three years later, Glasnow and Murphy are happily still together.

The starting pitcher also elaborated on the story a couple years ago, while on the Chris Rose podcast, saying that this was the first time he had ever thrown a ball to someone with his phone number on it, and jokingly said that she still doesn't believe him about that.

The 30-year-old pitcher went on to mention, that at the time he didn't think anything would come of it, but then he met her.

"We went out to dinner... and she was awesome, it was really really cool, we are like the same person, she's very similar to me and we understand each other well. We just kept hanging out, and now we are dating."

That is to say, he now certainly has a pretty good answer to give in response to the age-old question, "So how did you guys meet?"

So far in his ninth season, Glasnow has a 6-1 record (2nd-most wins in MLB), 2.53 ERA, 0.86 WHIP (5th-best in MLB), and 73 strikeouts (most in MLB).