Hunter Pence took a foul ball off the eye, and his face was a swollen mess


Some coaches tell players to never take their eye off the ball. Hunter Pence may have taken that advice too literally in a game against Washington.

Pence hit a foul ball in his first at-bat of the game that bounced off of home plate and hit him on his right cheek, just below his eye.

The ball hit Pence with such force that the seams left a visible mark even after his face swelled.

The San Jose Mercury News reports Pence somehow didn't have any serious injury as a result of the hit. He stayed in the game and helped the Giants beat the Nationals 7-1.


"Once I knew it wasn't a scary injury, I wanted to stay out there," Pence said."It cleared up after a couple seconds. I can feel it's puffy, though."