Matt Kemp gets taken down by an umpire during scuffle with Braves

The Braves and Padres got into a scuffle in the top of the first inning after Julio Teheran hit Matt Kemp with a pitch. The benches cleared for a little bit of a scuffle, and Matt Kemp ended up getting taken down by the umpire trying to keep him from getting back into the fracas.

ump tackle

Some are calling it a tackle, but it’s really more of a pancake block by the umpire. He shows solid blocking technique with his hands inside and a good knee bend to get leverage on Kemp. You’d like to see the hands a little higher, but he gets the job done with good drive and maintains contact through the ground. He shows good lateral quickness with his shuffle and strength to take Kemp down. I give it a solid B+ blocking job by the ump — got the pancake but we can clean up some of that technique with work.

(GIF via Deadspin)

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