Mets' Matt Harvey makes very delusional statement about team's expectations in 2015

Matt Harvey hasn't pitched in a meaningful game in over a year and a half as he recovered from Tommy John surgery, but that didn't stop him from talking with confidence at a recent event.

Harvey is itching to get a World Series ring with the Mets, and he believes the team has what it takes to get one this season.

"I think it's very realistic," Harvey told the Daily News. "I think we're looking forward to it and we're gonna do everything we can."


Harvey was in attendance for a red-carpet event celebrating the launch of Derek Jeter's website 'The Players' Tribune, even though the site has been live for almost five months now. The site features first-person stories from athletes.

When speaking with the media, Jeter passed by Harvey and the Mets pitcher believes Queens will be seeing a championship very shortly.

"We're excited just as much as the fans are," Harvey said. "We want to bring a championship to New York on the other side of town. The guy standing next to me has a couple so we'd like to bring some ourselves to Queens."


The Mets are always "contenders," but they can never get it done. Until they show that they can win on a consistent basis and live up to expectations, then their players should really shut their mouths and just perform on the field. I don't Mets fans care about the talk anymore.

If it's any consolation, the Mets should be better than the mediocre Yankees this season.