San Francisco Giants, Getty
(Fox Sports via Awful Announcing/Screengrab)

Pelican Takes Center Stage For Giants Game And Announcer Makes Sure It Receives Proper Credit

A pelican decided to embark on a sporting event but it wasn't an NBA game in New Orleans. Instead, it took over the diamond at Oracle Park during the San Francisco Giants' 5-1 MLB win over the Cincinnati Reds.

And the pelican quickly became the star of the show, as relayed by Awful Announcing.

"During the fifth inning, the pelican landed in the outfield and admired Reds outfielder Will Benson's pop fly to left field caught by a diving Giants outfielder Heliot Ramos," the outlet wrote. "That's also when Giants announcer Dave Flemming started to work the pelican's reaction, or lack thereof, into the broadcast before following its flight out of the stadium shortly after."

Fleming did indeed offer color and detail, giving viewers a bird's eye of the MLB action.

"Benson hits it toward the pelican. A pop-up, shallow left, and it's going to be caught by Ramos. Sprinting in, tumbling over, he makes a catch. All the while, the pelican just sitting there unimpressed," Flemming said, via Awful Announcing. "Here she goes, taking off, flying low right by Tyler Fitzgerald. Up over the bleachers, up over the garden, circling back around, still flying over the field, now up over the left field bleachers by the Coke bottle and turning back."

"That is the best pelican play-by-play I've ever heard in my life," added MLB broadcasting partner F. P. Santangelo.

"Didn't know I'd have to be breaking that out today," responded Flemming.

In other words, when a pelican takes the field and decides to put itself in the middle of the action, you'd best be able to improvise. Last thing you want is to be viewed as some sort of bird brain.