World Series winning manager says he nearly died after a recent, terrible fall


Last week, Ned Yost, the manager of the Kansas City Royals, took a fall from a tree stand on his property in Atlanta, and broke his pelvis.

Now, Yost has come forward to tell Jeffrey Flanagan of that he nearly died as a result. His pelvis was badly damaged and doctors had a hard time stopping the bleeding while he was on the operating table.

"There's no doubt I would have bled out if I didn't have my cellphone with me. There was nobody that was coming. Nobody would have found me. I would have been dead by nightfall."

"The trauma surgeon said, 'Man, Ned, I was really scared about you. We've seen these things before--this is a 25-30 percent mortality rate. You were crashing on the table. We couldn't get the bleeding stopped. I thought we were going to lose you.'"


Flanagan also said Yost will be in a wheelchair about two months.

Yost, 63, played six seasons in the major leagues as a catcher (1980-1985) before he went into coaching and managing. He managed the Milwaukee Brewers (2003 to 2008) and then the Kansas City Royals (2010 to present). He won a World Series with the Atlanta Braves as a coach in 1995 and as a manager with the Royals in 2015.