Cubs fans have wedding at Wrigley Field.
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Cubs Fans Hold Wedding Ceremony in Wrigley Field Bleachers During Game

It doesn't get more die-hard Chicago Cubs fan than hosting your wedding ceremony in the Wrigley Field bleachers during a game.

There is absolutely no love in sports that surpasses the love that Chicago Cubs fans have for their team and for Wrigley Field. During the Cubs game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday night, a group of fans took that love to a completely new level and carried out a full wedding in Wrigley's iconic left field bleachers.

It was a full wedding party, complete with a minister, bridesmaids in red dresses and groomsmen wearing assorted Cubs jerseys of the past, including of Carlos Zambrano and Anthony Rizzo.

The bride, who expertly navigated the ballpark in a classic a white gown with lacy sleeves, walked down the "aisle" — also known as the bleacher staircase — with her father. The groom was waiting in a clearly custom-made blazer, the front half of which was a very sharp red color and the back was a repurposed Cubs jersey. He also wore a Cubs hat with the sticker still on the brim.

We have no word on the reception and meal. But when it comes to the Wrigley bleachers, one can assume that there was a healthy mix of Chicago dogs, caramel and cheese corn, Small Cheval burgers and fries on the menu with ice-cold Old Styles on tap.

The dedication it takes to execute an entire wedding during a key game in the home stretch of a playoff race is absolutely staggering. What's even more admirable is that their fellow "bleacher bums" — who certainly came to see a key ballgame rather than a wedding — were respectful of the ceremony, and all seemed thrilled to be a small part of it.

It might actually be a good thing that they had a wedding to focus on. The Cubs actually lost that contest 6-2, missing out on an important chance to get within a game of the Brewers in the NL Central, as well as the Phillies in the race for the top Wild Card spot.

This was also a chance for Chicago to create some separation from the Diamondbacks themselves, who are currently one spot behind the Cubs in the Wild Card hierarchy. But they'll have plenty of opportunities to do that in the coming weeks: This four-game set still has three to go, and the two teams will battle again in Arizona next weekend.

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