New York Mets fan makes diving catch.
Screengrab from Mets broadcast.

Mets Fan Makes Unbelievable Diving Catch In Stands

This New York Mets fan sacrificed his whole body to make a play, diving for a catch in the stands during Wednesday's win over the Pirates.

The New York Mets are having a tough season. Yet, poor form from their favorite team isn't keeping Mets fans from showcasing their skills in the stands. 

On Wednesday, during the Mets' 8-3 victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates, one spectator made what might be the best fan catch in baseball history.

A few aspects of this incredible snag makes it deserving of baseball's 'Best Fan Catch' title. Gauging from the (currently anonymous) fan having caught the ball while facing away from the field, this grab came from a foul ball that was hit behind him — most likely to an upper deck — which then dropped down to where he was sitting. This is impressive because of the fan's focus. He had to keep eyes on that foul ball throughout its journey, well aware that it probably wouldn't trickle down to him yet never losing hope that it would. Then it did.

Then the catch itself. In addition to mirroring Odell Beckham Jr.'s legendary 2014 grab against the Dallas Cowboys to a tee, this fan did so with an impressive disregard to his well being. Considering the three rows of empty seats below him and nobody there to break his fall, this catch attempt could have gone south — literally. Not to mention the presence of mind he had to brace his fall with his glove arm after securing the snag. Impeccable. 

What might be even better than the sweet catch itself is the fan's reaction. He could have tried to play it cool, acting like this was just another normal moment in his life. Instead, he went absolutely nuts, celebrating with his friends with a look of priceless joy on his face. Him displaying that excitement makes the moment more memorable, for him and us both. 

Lastly, this snag deserves the 'Best Fan Catch' title because it was done with a glove. This catch's only real competition is the iconic Dad snag in 2021, where this dad/Diamondbacks fan was holding a beer in his right hand, his daughter in the left arm, then caught a flipped ball barehanded without dropping his daughter. It's an incredible catch — but a fan being rewarded for bringing their glove to the ballgame is what 'Best Fan Catch' is all about.

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