Radio hosts under fire for mocking the death of 2-time Cy Young winner Roy Halladay Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay was unfortunately killed in a plane accident earlier this week, but two radio hosts in Boston seem to think the former Cy Young winner had it coming.

Perhaps they didn’t mean exactly what they said or how they said it, but it’s hard to take Michael Felger and Tony Massarotta at anything but their word after their tasteless take on Halladay’s death.

You can listen to the whole clip via Awful Announcing, but take it from someone who did, it’s not worth wasting ten minutes of your life. The two shock jocks went back and forth about how Halladay basically got what was coming to him. Not only that but Felger went on and on mocking Halladay, going as far as mimicking plane crash noises and calling the now deceased pitcher a “moron”.

Here’s more from Felger, as passed on by Awful Announcing:

“It angers me. Someone, who, I don’t know, is so cavalier about life and just doesn’t appreciate the tenuousness of life and is willing to screw around with life and death? Especially when you have children, or a family?”

“You’ve got to get your rocks off by whatever it is you do that cheats death.”

“That guy’s like the bad guy to me. You’ve got a family! And you’re going to screw around in a little toy plane?”

And more:

When this guy went down in the plane yesterday, I said, ‘I don’t know the details, but hopefully this isn’t JFK Jr., somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing, screwing around with a plane and killing himself for all intents and purposes.’ And it just sort of angers me. You care that little about your life? About the life of your family? Your little joyride is that important to you that you’re going to risk just dying?”

“You’re a multimillionaire with a loving family, and to you, you have to go get that thing where you can divebomb from 100 feet to five above the water with your single-engine plane with your hand out the window. ‘Wheee! Wheee! Yeah, man, look at the G-force on this! I’m Maverick! Pew pew pew! Yeah, man, look at this, this is so cool.’ And you die! Splat!”

“He’s not a militarily-trained pilot, he’s not a professionally-trained pilot, he’s a Joe Q. Citizen who buys a plane that folds up and you can put in your garage and that’s amphibious, ‘Wheee! Oh look, I just landed on the water, everybody! I’m going to tweet it!’ Splat. You’re dead. With two kids. Moron.”

While some of the above hot take may be rooted in reality, this was simply poorly executed by the Boston radio hosts. Not only were they calling a man recently killed in an accident a moron — think of how his family would feel — but they went as far as to openly mock Halladay. That’s not even considering the Dale Earnhardt “joke”, in which Felger said he roots for the wall.

This was a terrible take. This was an inappropriate take. This was in poor taste.

It was all-around awful.

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