BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - SEPTEMBER 14: Nick Pivetta #37 of the Boston Red Sox reacts in the dugout before game two of a doubleheader against the New York Yankees on September 14, 2023 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Boston Red Sox Hosting Barbie Night at "Kenway Park"

The Barbie craze is seeing another wave and this time it is landing squarely on the heads of Red Sox fans.

The Boston Red Sox are jumping on the Barbie train.

The wildly popular movie officially released nationwide back on July 21, steamrolling into theaters with an astounding level of hype that could probably match the buzz of a Mike Tyson fight during his prime.

Now, nearly two months after its release, the "Barbie Buzz" that some may have foolishly assumed was gone is still very much alive. The latest culprit? Fenway Park. Or shall we say, "Kenway Park," because that's exactly how the Red Sox are framing this special promotion set to take place Friday, September 22.

For a last place team that struggled to sell tickets for a four-game set against the New York Yankees of all teams, the timing for a badly needed boost in sales could not have been better. Especially when you take into account the free t-shirt(s) that come with ticket purchases.

So the very safe guess is that "Kenway Park" will be packed on Friday night when you take into account that there will be many Red Sox fans who would very much like to attend this special event, and there will be many Red Sox fans who will have no choice but to attend this special event with their significant other.

To be completely fair, though, playing off of the the signature Red Sox "B" and giving it that proper Barbie glow fits like a glove. If nothing else, it's really not all that difficult to envision packs of dudes at Fenway ironically wearing that navy blue t-shirt and giving one last salute to their squad that currently sits 19.5 games out of first place.

So really, when you take all elements into consideration, it might be rather surprising if this thing isn't sold out come Friday night.

Additionally, it's probably important to mention that this "Barbie x Sports" crossover isn't close to being done just yet.

One look at this photo of the San Francisco Giants rookies from Sunday afternoon will tell you as much.

It's become the type of craze that even the biggest of haters needs to just lean into and laugh. And honestly, how can one not laugh at that photo?

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